domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

She's an extraordinary girl, in an ordinary world and she can't seem to get away. She sees the mirror of herself; an image she wants to sell to anyone willing to buy. She's all alone again wiping the tears from her eyes. Some days he feels like dying, some days it's not worth trying.
Now that they both are finding... She gets so sick of crying.

Seguí buscando razones para yo te de cada día más, pedazo de papito
<3. style="font-style: italic;">Y sos m-í-o (:

I can tell by your toes that you're rocking to this beat.
You gotta dance 'til you ache, 'til you drop, 'til you break.
Free your soul... Let me see you s h a k e!

Que tarde eh! <3

I wanna c r a s h, I wanna f a l l.
I wanna be somewhere in the middle.
Something it's better than nothing.
I just need a little.
I like it, I like it, I like it.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

And here we go again, with all the things we said and not a minute spent to think that we'd regret... so we just take it back, these words and hold our breath, forget the things we swore we meant.
I write you just to let you know that I'm alright.
Can't say I'm sad to see you go...
'cause I'm not.

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Kissing the war goodbye.
August 14, 1945.

Victor Jorgensen
, genious.
Got me lookin' so crazy right now,
your love's got me lookin' so crazy right now!

And I just can't wait till the day 

when you knock on my door!
I miss you all! <3

With no air

If I should die before I wake it's 'cause you took my breath away. Losing you is like living in a world with no air. I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave. My heart won't move, it's incomplete. Wish there was a way that I can make you understand... I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew right off the ground to float to you. There's no gravity to hold me down for real, but somehow I'm still alive inside. You took my breath, but I survived. I don't know how, but I don't even care. So how do you expect me to live alone with just me? Because my world revolves around you, it's so hard for me to breathe. Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air? Can't live, can't breathe with no air. It's how I feel whenever you ain't there... It's no air, no air. Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me? If you ain't here, I just can't breathe... It's no air, no air.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Now you know how I feel. This love is forever. You make my life seem so unreal...
Because you are the one that started to make me feel this way, and every night I'm thinking about the words you'd say.
Because you are the one that I want .