domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Can't Stop Loving You

So you're leaving in the morning on the early train. Well I could say everything's alright, and I could pretend and say goodbye.
Got your ticket, got your suitcase, got your leaving smile. I could say that's the way it goes and I could pretend you won't know that I was lying.
We took a taxi to the station... not a word was said. And I saw you walk across the road for maybe the last time, I don't know.
Feeling humble, heard a rumble on the railway track. And when I hear the whistle blow I'll walk away and you won't know that I'll be crying.

I'll always be here by your side. I never wanted to say goodbye. I'm always here if you change your mind.
I can't stop loving you, no, I won't stop loving you. Why should I?
Why should I even try?

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