jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Full Circle

Without you around so uncomfortable is how it feels. Every time you’re near trouble disappears under the ground, but when you go too far silver clouds will start hanging around. Skipping down a broken path, how long can I last? Please let me know. Where’s the finish line? Because I’ve got to find somewhere to go. I don’t want to hear these people interfere, what do they know? What I feel inside when I’m up all night needing you. I’ll keep on running until we meet in the middle. I’ll push it right aside and I give just a little. There’s miles to go but wait, don’t hold back, we’ll make it. And I know why... Tried to run but I keep on coming back. Full circle and I can’t jump the track, can’t let you go. I know you’ll come around.
You’ll come around.

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